We offer packaged plants as well as large-scale sewage solutions. Our services include turnkey solutions of new plants; the refurbishment of old plants as well as the operation and maintenance of plants.


Driven by technology, Tecroveer offers a variety of services and progressive solutions for all wastewater-treatment related industries.
We offer holistic solutions, from the design to application, to create fit-for-purpose solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. By integrating the existing infrastructure and equipment into our design, we offer both capital and life cycle cost benefits.
Tecroveer’s competitive advantage is rooted in our combined expertise with in-house process, civil and mechanical capabilities. With various international patents, we strive to combine civil, mechanical, electrical and process aspects in order to provide the best possible solutions to our clients.


With the acquisition of Becon Watertech, Tecroveer can offer various small-scale wastewater treatment products in the Be-Pac range. The Be-Pac range contains a Rotating Biological Contractor, which was developed in Germany in the late 1800s. These RBC units need minimal operational input and control and can withstand the rigours of operating in demanding African conditions.

To find out about the right Be-Pac product for your sewage requirements click on the logo below:


Tecroveer designs and implements dedicated bio-solids handling and disposal solutions that include beneficial use, composting and volume reduction. Our proprietary composting methods with or without bulking agents have a number of potential beneficial applications.

We also offer Tecroveer’s Multi-disc screw press for dewatering, an appropriately robust system for use in African conditions.


By taking the necessary care of your plant and scheduling the appropriate maintenance, the life cycle of your plant can be maximised. Tecroveer is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 12 -18 treatment facilities at any given time; with a proven track record of delivering a compliant effluent. Our services include advisory services, training, operating and maintenance manuals as well as asset management. Our team has more than 40 years’ experience in water and waste water treatment.

for a tailor made solution to meet your operational needs and ensure Green Drop compliance.


We offer a complete range of mechanical and electrical equipment proudly designed, manufactured, sourced and supported in South Africa.  Our design team uses the latest finite element- and computational flow dynamic analysis in order to optimise equipment performance and cost.

Tecroveer offers the following capabilities:

  • Upgrade of existing municipal water treatment plants through our specialist process-, civil-, mechanical-, electrical- and maintenance experience and knowledge.
  • Customised solutions and manufactured parts and equipment.
  • Minimising the replacements of existing parts and reducing the lifecycle cost of your plant.
  • We train the on-site employees to ensure optimal operations of the newly refurbished plant.

Through careful analysis we can design, manufacture and commission the best long term solution for your plant.

to make the most of your existing plant.