Tecroveer specialises in the treatment and reuse of mine impacted water and zero liquid discharge solutions. Tecroveer is well-known for its successful Acid Mine Drainage Projects


We are pioneers in the AMD (Acid Mine Drainage) field and our internally developed thickeners have proven their effectiveness and performance in large scale application. We have high-torque capacity (>1 200kNm) centre-drive thickeners that are optimised for improved performance, combining high solids thickening with low turbidity overflow. These unique thickeners can be applied in high density sludge AMD plants, and in conventional mineral processing applications where high quality water is demanded.


Liquid-solid separation involves the separation of two phases, solid and liquid, from a suspension. Our separation system design considers pre-treatment, solids concentration, solids separation and post-treatment. Using proven technologies, our strength lies in our understanding of water chemistry and applications. Our TPS (tilted plate separator) uses lamella plate settling to achieve a high rate separation of solids in a minimal footprint. We custom design these units for each application, adjusting the plate spacing and hydraulic conditions based on our understanding of the water characteristics. TPS systems can be applied in primary treatment for organic solids removal, or for removal of chemically coagulated and flocculated sludge. By reducing the hydraulic retention time in the settling process, the risk of biological activity in the process is reduced, preventing odours, fouling and acidification of organic effluents. For further filtration, we provide a MBF (moving bed filter) which has a number of advantages over other sand filtration systems. The MBF is a robust filtration concept that eliminates backwash pumps, tanks and controls by using a proven sand recycle and washing system. MBF is a mode of sand filtration based upon uninterrupted filter operation. Sand cleaning is continuous while the filter is in operation, so 24/7 availability of the process is guaranteed.


Driven by technology, Tecroveer offers a variety of services and progressive solutions for all wastewater-treatment related industries.

We offer holistic solutions, from the design to application, to create fit-for-purpose solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. By integrating the existing infrastructure and equipment into our design, we offer both capital and life cycle cost benefits.