In conjunction with our global technology partners, we solve complex challenges in wastewater treatment, with a focus on large project development.  From the high strength industrial organic wastewater treatment to water reuse plants, we work with our clients to solve problems. Our experienced and effective team is dedicated to the successful delivery of large and complex projects. From conceptual process design & technology selection through the detailed engineering, project management and site execution, Tecroveer delivers success.


We treat wastewater produced as a by-product of industrial activities.

With appropriate solutions industrial wastewater can be treated to meet discharge requirements, reduce discharge costs, and be reused in the industrial process.  After reviewing our client’s wastewater characteristics and understanding their business and processes, we can select the right solution from our range of offerings; whether it is simple solids separation using TPS (tilted plate separators), filtration using MBF (moving bed filters) or an integrated biological process for organic wastewater treatment.

For the treatment of high-strength organic wastewaters we have exclusively partnered with Dutch technology provider, Aqana to bring you a unique anaerobic treatment process. Aqana’s patented DACS (downflow anaerobic carrier system) is a leading technology that is changing the landscape of wastewater treatment, turning difficult effluent into opportunities for water reuse and renewable energy. Anaerobic treatment uses the natural occurrence of anaerobic organisms in a controlled and engineered system. In the absence of oxygen, organic waste is converted to biogas, leaving only a small amount of sludge. Aqana’s DACS technology takes advantage of the bacterial property to attach to surfaces. With this simple concept, the DACS provides substantial improvements to treatment applications.  By using this floating carrier bed, the reactor design is so simple that it fits in any tank, offering CAPEX reductions and minimal OPEX compared to conventional anaerobic technologies.

In addition to the DACS, we provide a range of aerobic biological treatment solutions, including MBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor), MBR (Membrane Bioreactor) and conventional activated sludge. Building on 40 years of biological treatment experience, Tecroveer offers leading international technologies for the treatment of organic industrial wastewater. By selecting the most suitable pre-treatment and biological processes, and often combining anaerobic and aerobic solutions we are able to provide our clients with solutions that have significant return on investment


By combining pre-treatment solutions, anaerobic treatment, aerobic treatment and membrane processes like ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, industrial wastewater can be upgraded for reuse in manufacturing.

Domestic wastewater can be treated with advanced technologies for various levels of reuse. With our technology selection and process design capabilities we can develop water and energy savings that has environmental benefits and provides industries with security and sustainability.


Industrial wastewater contains inherent energy in their dissolved organic elements. We can treat wastewater to produce biogas, a renewable source of energy that decreases your dependability on mainstream electricity supply. Like all anaerobic processes, the by-product of the patented DACS process is an energy-rich biogas. Unique to this process is the potential for creating a cleaner biogas with higher calorific value that makes beneficiation cheaper and more robust. Depending on your energy demand, this biogas can be used to produce heat, steam or electricity through various conversion routes.

We offer CHP (combined heat and power) projects using gas engines and turbines, or simple steam production with a biogas boiler