We see a future where treatment plants are no longer treated as wastewater treatment plants but rather Resource Recovery Centres that recover precious water and nutrients. We strive  to be the catalyst for this change by initiating resource recovery, establishing an integrated eco-system in synergy with the community at large and helping a local economy to thrive.  We offer packaged plants and large-scale sewage solutions. Our services include progressive solutions for new plants; the expansion and/or refurbishment of existing plants, a full range of mechanical and electrical equipment as well as the operations and maintenance of plants.


Becon Watertech’s Be-Pure range can change the lives of many as they allow easy, clean and safe access to life saving drinking water. All solutions are designed and created based on the client and site specific needs as well as the source water that needs to be treated.

The key considerations when designing and manufacturing these units are that they should be compact, easy to operate, portable and as environmentally friendly as possible.

To have a drinking water solution tailored to your circumstances, click on the Be-Pure logo:


Tecroveer designs, builds and commissions pump stations to deliver water to communities.  We developed the C-Max maximum security pump station in order to ensure the safety of your assets and reduce down-time.

for a sustainable pump station solution.


We are constantly scanning the global water markets for new technologies and applications because we are committed to solving the most challenging wastewater problems using the most advanced technologies available. We focus on advanced membrane treatment, desalination, zero-liquid-discharge, and advanced biological treatment.


Tecroveer offers equipment for both conventional and package-type plants.  Conventional plant design utilising in-ground, water-retaining structures are most suited for larger plants, whilst pre-fabricated packaged plants are preferred for smaller, remote locations where civil construction is difficult and where a short delivery period is required.

Our complete range of mechanical and electrical equipment is proudly designed, manufactured, sourced and supported in South Africa.

Tecroveer offers the following capabilities:

  • Upgrade existing municipal water treatment plants through our specialist process-, civil-, mechanical-, electrical- and maintenance experience and knowledge.
  • Customised solutions and manufactured parts and equipment.
  • Minimising the replacements of existing parts and reducing the lifecycle cost of your plant.
  • We train the on-site employees to ensure optimal operations of the newly refurbished plant.

Through careful analysis we can design, manufacture and commission the best long term solution for your plant.

for a unique solution to meet your municipal water treatment needs and ensure Blue Drop compliance.